My pday here in argentina is every monday. Usually people say how much they hate mondays but now you all have a good reason to enjoy mondays hahaha   It´s fantastic down here. The people i talked to sure weren´t kidding about the sky being so full rich and blue. I always find myself looking up now. My first area is in a  place called Puerto Madryn If you look up in the far right corner of my mission map it is waaayyyy up there. Our area is the most north. My trainer´s name is Elder Lebaron and he is fantastic. We get along really well.  I´ll include more information in the letter I will write to mom about everything so you all can read it together.
I wish you the best of luck with work Buena Suerte.

Con Amor
Elder Elmer


Hello Everyone!!! :D This week I decided to write a big group letter about how everything is going here in argentina. Well, here you guys go and I hope this email finds you all well. I love you all!! This week has been very very different. Let´s start with how traveling went. I told you guys about the flight plans before to comodoro and all the new missionaries met and mission HQ and had an interview with the mission president. I Love my mission presidents. After all the interviews we had Argentine pizza. It is absolutely nothing like American pizza, but it is really delicious. We stayed in comodoro for that night at one of the leader´s houses and had cereal in the morning after that. The next day we met our trainers and had lunch (raviolies) and were assigned to our areas. The rest of that day was travel to our area. I am now in a city called Puerto Madryn and it is the most north mission in the whole area. They are fameous for their ballenas or whales that you can see from the shore. I haven´t seen any yet but i hope I get to. From comodoro to my area was a 7 hour bus ride. Let me tell ya. It is so much easier sleeping on the busses becasue the seats recline all the way back! I just slept throught the whole thing. We arrived in our area at roughly 2 in the morning and went to our appartment or pension as they call them here in argentina. For the past 3ish days we haven´t had any electrical power so we have just had to use candles. I would send pictures this week, but I didn´t know we would be able to email today so I´ll just have to send them next week. I´ll tell you what they are. 
So when we got off the plane we got onto a bus and we were just driving down the road and I look to my right and there and to my complete and utter suprise there was the buenos Aires temple. They took us there and I was able to walk and take pictures on the grounds. I´ll also send more pictures next time. The next day we went to work. I really underestimated how many dogs there would be. I HATE DOGS NOW!!! They are really annoying and i´ve had to pick up a rock or two every so often. Worse than that is you really have to watch where you step. Other than that the people we visited are really nice and I allready love them.
Hahaha here´s something funny, there is an evangelical church right by our pension and we did a contact with one of the preachers. Man! That was an interesting contact. I couldn´t understand anything my comp. or the guy was saying but afterwards my companion translated what he said and I reallized how clueless that guy was. oh well it was a good experience. Here in argentina you don´t have dinner appointments you have lunch with the members and so far i´ve had Pasta, Gizo, Milenesa, empanadas and pollo. I´ve been trying to get recipes from people, but here´s the catch. They make pretty much everything from scratch so getting recipes is a hard thing to do. The members are really nice. I had a neat experience one time. So far it´s been highly difficult to understand what the heck people are saying so I prayed that I would be able to talk to someone about something. We went to this dinner appointment and There was a 13 year old I met and out of nowhere she turns on her laptop and playes a song and I IMMEDIATELY recognized it. It was a skrillex song and we talked back and forth about how awesome skrillex´s music is. i learned that the lord will answer your prayers in a way that is very personal to you. I also had the opportunity on sunday to go to the hospital with my companion to give a blessing. I annointed with oil in spanish and that was a cool experience. a companionship of sister missionaries were there as well and we visited afterwards and talked with the little boy who was ill. The weather here has been COLD!! but by now i´m allready used to it. I´ve used my coat a couple of times. Even up north, at night it gets into the 40s and it is ALWAYS windy. It almost never stops. Something else about the wealther here is that it has mood swings. One time my comp and I were walking and the wind just picked up and it was pouring for about 5 minutes ish and is just stopped and the sun came out.......idk. o_o That´s pretty much been my week here in Argentina so far. I hope that all your days have been going well. (for friends reading this letter) be sure to keep me posted ;) 

Con Muchisimo Amor,
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. sorry if this letter is jumping around like crazy. A lot had happened this week xD hahaha

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