HEY MOM!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sorry this was the soonest that I could write. We only get 1 hour on Saturday to write and e-mail. It's good to hear that everything is going great at home. I'm sorry to hear about lyndon though. Ouch x( that does not sound fun. I know how that pain feels. Tell lyndon that when he teeth hurt to imagine me giving her a big hug. That may cheer her up a bit :) It was nice hearing from everyone in their letters they sent me. I would like it if they kept on doing that. That was seriously the pinacle of that day I received them. Brynnon's letter was really sweet and sincere. Tell her I am glad to know that she has found Lexi.  Tell talon that the Provo temple is amazing and it truly is the lord's house. Also tell lyndon to keep pushing through the pain and it will all be allright soon. The pain eventually goes away. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to use snapfish or go on the web to view the blog. I tried to look at it but it said access was denied. I will send some pictured through e-mail though, or at least I will try. 

We have 3 different "investigators" we are teaching 2 are my teachers and one is a TRC investigator. TRC is pretty much the closest thing to teaching someone out on the mission. And of course everything we say, do and teach in these lessons are in spanish. It's safe to say that I am pretty fluent. I knew a lot before, but now that I'm using it, everything is flipped upside down xD hahaha It's easier to speak and form sentences. My mouth truely is filled when I teach. One lesson, my teacher told me not to speak so that my companion would be able to have the experience of using his spanish more. In our district everyone gave me a nickname xD haha They call me "Dad" because I am their teacher and I am the one they turn to for answers to their questions xD haha. It makes me happy knowing that I am of use here in our district. xD Another great experience I had this week was, I was able to consecrate my first vile of olive oil. The spirit hit me like a brick wall and it felt so good x) It's hard to believe it's allready been almost 5 weeks here. WE GET OUR FLIGHT PLANS THIS FRIDAY :O :O :O :O :O It is going by too fast for me xD. In all of our language study we are almost through all of our study books. I have not missed a day yet in my journal. So far I have 24 or so entries so i'm keeping a great record for you guys to read when i get back ;) 

Music has been great. I saw one of my best friends in madrigals here at the MTC this week. His name is Tanner Goldsmith. I see him on a very regular basis here. I also saw 2 other friends of mine who went to copper hills. 

I hope you had a super fantastic birthday. Dad wrote in one of his letters that you guys missed me when you went out to eat for dinner. I miss you guys a lot too. Oh, and speaking of food, would you believe me if I told you that I allready gained 10 pounds!! :O While I was at the MTC main campus, I found a scale and weighed myself. I am now about 174 pounds. The staff here contintue to feed me well. I think I'm getting heavier either from all the BYU creamery ice cream I eat or from the new creme soda addiction I developed, or who knows it could be both. xD haha Right inside our campus is a BYU creamery and every thursday we go as a district and "Stock up" on candy sweets and junk food to last us the rest of the week xD haha That's what happens when we get fed dinner at 4:30 every day. 

I love you all so much and I miss you all dearly. Extend my love to all those who ask how I'm doing. Tell them I love them and am greatful that they are in my life. I love and miss all of you guys so much and I pray every night for you all. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me the gospel and how to live the way I should. I owe all I am to you guys. I look forward to next p-day and every p-day after that to hear about how all of you are doing at home. 

Con Muchisimo Amor y felicidades
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I have a joke for the little ones. Q: Who had the worst feet in the old testament? A: Sampson, he died of fallen 
arches xD hahah ba dum pshhh

Pictures at the MTC September 2014

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