Everything here at the MTC is great. I have my flight plans and my visa!!! :D I took a picture of them with my camera and I will send you guys the picture ;) I have 2 long flights and a horrendously long bus ride across the country ahead of me. About the cell phone, I am uncertain about how that fits in with mission rules. I do know that you can buy a calling card with 400 minutes for about 4 dollars here at the book store. If you're going to send me the phone now that will be fine :) Thanks So much! It always makes my day when I receive letters from Talon Lyndon and Brynnon. Lyndon's picture that said "be safe" and had a guy shooting another guy made me laugh out loud. Our whole district had a good laugh xD Lyndon's letters are so adorable. Brynnon's letters are also really nice to hear from. Show brynnon that section in D&C that talks about when joseph is in jail and the lord speaks to him that his trials are but a small moment. Sorry, i don't remember the reference, but that would be a good scripture for brynnon to read. Also tell Brynnon that the story she shared in her letter was freaking hilarious xD. And for Talon, Where's his letters :O I want to hear from him too. :) Oh, I just read an e-mail from Talon that he sent this week.

NO WAY!!!! :D I am so happy that Aaron is opening up his mission call. You have to let me know where he's going!! :D 

My week has been fun! :D as usual. On sunday we had Bro. Heaten who is the MTC coordinator, speak to us. And on tuesday Bro. and Sis. Sitati from Kenya gave really nice talks. The main ideas of their talks were to remember who we are, why we're here, and what we need to do. The gospel is the greatest gift you will ever receive and I am happy to serve and give the best gift I've ever given. A really nice experience I've had this week happened last night when we watched a video called "Missions and the Atonement." I highly suggest watching this video. Last night it just put everything in perspective for me of how selfless a mission actually is. Looking back on my sacrament meeting talk, I wasn't even close xD hahaha There is so much more to a mission than I thought, but it is not overwhelming me. We are literally giving the gift of salvation to others while on our missions. Jeffrey R. Holland in the video put it this way. Why are missions hard? it's because salvation is not a cheap experience. If it wasn't easy for Christ it should not be easy for any of us. We should expect to shed a tear or two he did. Serving my mission is still continuing to put the atonement into better perspective for me. 

Another highlight of this week was going to the temple, as usual. It truly is the house of the lord. Here's a funny story from today. When I was entering the celestial room, I ran into the pole the workers knock on. xD hahaha I'm okay though.

I can't really think of anything else I need at the moment. Maybe a few more pictures from home would be nice, just for a little more variety to the ones i already have :)

Oh and with my Spanish, I can now conjugate verbs in every tense there is in spanish. I go the first half of my day, until lunch, with no english. My spanish in the lessons is becoming more and more heartfelt because I now know how to say what's on my mind. The gift of tongues is real.

Thank you guys for all that you do. Sorry if this letter was all over the place xD I just wrote what came to mind. I hope everyone is having a great time in school. especially talon, I know how much he loves school. Buena Suerte con todo! (Good luck with everything)

Elder Kolton Elmer

P.S. échale gana!!!!! (give it your all)

p.s.  This week I also got a missionary haircut at the barbershop here on campus. Let me know what you guys think. :D Oh and for district bonding we made up categories for "most likely to...." You guys are going to laugh xD

One week before leaving the MTC and heading to Argentina!!!!

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