Letter #3

I am doing GREAT here :D The longer i'm here the more I want to just go to Argentina and tell everyone about the gospel. Oh i bet things have been quiet lately. You guys are probably missing my constant piano playing over there. x) I auditioned to play the piano here at the MTC and I just recently received a letter from the leaders in charge. I will be playing tomorrow (Sunday) and I'll also be playing on September 3rd or 2nd either one of those days. The same day I received the letter I was walking into my classroom for the afternoon study time and one of the hermanas stopped me and asked if I wanted to be her accompanist for a violin solo. My musical talents are definitely being put to EXCELENT use. 

Yes, I did receive the package you guys sent. Thank you for the extra pair of garments and the treats. From this e-mail and the letter in the package, it sounds like a lot is happening since I left xD haha Tell Brynn, Talon, and Lyndon good luck in school for me.  Tell her congrats on her personal progress; she is setting a great example to the other YW in the ward. Tell talon congrats on his achievements in scouts and keep up the good work. How is Talon liking the 11 year old scouts. Awwwwww that's so adorable that lyndon is getting braces. Once she gets them though I don't think she's going to be very excited for them for long. hahaha that is funny what lyndon said about the pictures xD that little gap is so adorable xD

I love hearing about how excited everyone is that I am out here and having these experiences. Dr. Maxfield is the coolest tell him hi and thanks for me too. For everyone in the ward tell them that I am doing fantastic and that my musical talents are being put to great use. Also tell them that I can speak spanish pretty fluently allready and that I am continuing to learn more. This is a super bueno experience. What did you guys think of my response in spanish xD hahaha pretty cool huh? I continue to teach lessons on a daily basis to "investigators" It feels fantastic. Although the average day I am in the classroom for 9 hours, I have been able to learn so much from my teachers and instructors. I'm glad that I've had those 3 years of spanish. That was a fantastic foundation for me to build off of. 

Thanks for the e-mail feel free to send any questions or have talon brynnon or lyndon send me e-mails or letters too. 

Con mucho amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

P.S. Tell brynnon the cookies were delicious.

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