Letter #2

August 23, 2014


1.  Where is your companion from?
            Elder Trost is from Idaho Falls. and he is our DL

2.  Tell us some funny stories about your District "goofoffs".
            Every night from 9:30 (after class) till bedtime we just talk and act stupid and tell funny stories. For example, My friend Elder Thrasher is a professional shotgun shooter and he tells us about all the times he would just chase animals with his friends and kill them xD hahaha He is from Sholo, Arizona so he is out in the country. Some other stories include some fun times he's had pulling pranks on his friends. All of the Elders have hilarious stories to tell. One day we were studying and 5 people farted and we all nearly died. xO it was impossible to breathe so we had to evacuate that room for about a half hour or so. We have also had some spiritual experiences shared and those were really special.

3.  Is everyone in your District going to Argentina or just learning Spanish together and going to different places?
           There are 12 of us in our district. 10 of us are going to Argentina (6 to Comodoro Rivadavia and 4 to Bahia Blanca) and 2 others are going to Ecuador. It's also cool to see where everyone in our district is from. For example one of the elders is from Kauai and his name is Elder Paleka.

4.  How much time do you have on P-Day to check e-mail?  If it's a short time, would it be easier to write a general letter about what your week was like and we can forward it onto people you'd like us to like Grandma and Grandpa, ALL of your Wahine?  
             I only have about 2 hours to check my e-mail on p-day and the time is all broken up. I could just write a general letter so you could forward it to others and that could be good :) 

5.  Did you get the package we sent? 
            YES!!!!!!! :D :D :D That day was one of the best days I've been here :D Thank you guys so much. The letter and the cookies were really nice. I have a funny story xD when i went to pick it up I just got out of the bookstore and I bought some stuff to write letters to people and when I opened the package I got even more stuff to write letters XD hahaha I don't think i'm going to run out anytime soon.

6.  How is the language coming along?  It sounds like you are learning quickly!!!!
            La lengua esta muy bien. Yo me encanta a hablar español con todas las personas. En el CCM nosotros tenemos muchos oportunidades a hablar español con todos personas diferentes. No no vive al CCM, pero yo vive a los raintree apartamientos cerca de BYU campo con todos los misioneros que irán an páises que hablan español. En todo la tiempo que yo estaba aquí, yo hablé mucho y enseñamos muchos lecciónes con un investigador. Un historia chismoso, nuestro investigador que nosotros fuimos enseñando, es nuestro maestro de la classe en la noche. Es muy bueno y el es un muy bueno persona. El nos enseña solo en español y el habla muy bien. Yo amo mis maestros, Hermano Harris y Hermano Bond (el investigador.)

            Here's the translation:
            The language is going well. I love to speak spanish with everyone. In the MTC we have a lot of opportunities to speak spanish with people of different backgrounds. I don't live at the MTC, but I live at the raintree apartments close to the BYU campus with all the missionaries that are going to Spanish speaking countries. All the time I've been here I spoke a lot and taught many lessons with an "investigator". Here's a funny story, our investigator that we were teaching is the teacher of our class now. xD he is very good and is a great person and speaks very well. I love my teachers, brother harris and brother bond (the investigator)  *he was playing the investigator the whole time*

7.  Did you get our letter in the package about your grades!!!!  Good job!!!!  Your grades ended up being awesome!  Your Technical Writing teacher didn't get your final project:(  I e-mailed her one day asking her if she had received it (pretending I was you).  She gave me directions on how to get it sent right and Daddy helped with sending it.  You pulled an A- out of that class....great work!!!!

8.  What is your favorite meal at the MTC?
            My favorite meal at the MTC was probably the Alfredo or the burgers or any of the other meals. I can't decide Px The caffeine free coca cola is pretty good too xD I can tell you which meals I didn't like though. The Pho was nothing like what we make at home, but other than that the food was good. Oh, and the sister missionaries were right; the food makes you gassy. Look up Jeremiah 4:19-20 Show this to talon and He probably will   never stop laughing xD This scripture best describes what the food at the MTC does to you for a short while. 

9.  Have you had a chance to play the piano?
            Yes, I have had a chance to play the piano a bit. Not for meetings or anything..... yet but I auditioned and could possibly play for one of our sunday devotionals or something. They haven't told me yet, but I hope I will play something sometime soon. Other than that i've just been playing piano on my p-days. One of the other missionaries in our district plays the piano so me and him talk all about it all the time :D companion is a sporty person but i've played basketball with the district and everything still.  Here you aren't allowed to keep score so it's all just fun and games.

10.Did you get a Sunday nap?  What do you do on your P-Day?  Is there an option to go to the temple each week?
           hahaha naps? what are those? xD hahaha no you NEVER nap here at the MTC. You are either studying, teaching, going to gym or dinner, and going to bed. That's the only time in the day/night you have to rest. xD hahaha. On my p-day I mainly do laundry, write letters and go to the temple. We go every week on our p-days and it is always so nice. I've taken a temple selfie and some other pictures. I haven't tried using snapfish yet but I   will try to get those to you guys so you can see them. If not, I may need a lot of SD cards xD hahaha (it's a joke don't send me too many SDs yet)

I love all of you guys so much. I know here is where I need to be. I love all the friends I've made and will continue to make. Thank you guys for all the lessons you have taught me. 

Con muchisimo amor,
Elder Elmer

P.S. Harder Better Faster Stronger
PPS I still don't make my bed >:D muahahaha

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