Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Spanish Speaking Mission
August 2014--August 2016

Provo MTC Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Enjoy the Journey"

Letter #1

August 16, 2014

Hola mi familia!

The MTC is great!  I already know h ow to teach, testify, and pray entirely in Spanish and it's only been 3 days:)  My companion, Elder Trost is fantastic.  We get along extremely well and everyone in our district are the best of friends.  In our district there are a few goofballs but it makes everything "interesting" hahahaha We study hard though when we are given the opportunity.  The food is fantastic and i am never hungry Px My p-day is every saturday here at the MTC.  That is the only day where I am able to reply to e-mails.

My instructor teaches us only in spanish.  He won't talk to us in english.  The investigator we taught only spoke spanish and I forgot my notes so..... that was interesting.

I hope things are going well at home.  If Talon, Brynnon or lyndon have any questions about the MTC include them in the next e-mail.  I am also planning on sending letters by mail as well so be sure to keep your eye out.

Con Amor,
Elder Elmer

p.s.  Could you send me a notebook as well?

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