Letter #89

Hola mi querida mamá :D

It´s wierd to think i only have 5 weeks left but i´m more charged and excited to work than ever. It seems that as the time passes I get more excited and anxious to work. We have been super duper busy this week with getting to know the other missionaries. There are 2 new sisters and 1 new elder in the zone. The new missionaries have a certain spirit about them that´s nice. :)

 The other elders in my district also had a baptism this saturday. They have been baptizing a ton!! With all the baptisms that they´ve had. They´ve kept me busy with doing baptisimal interviews. 

On sunday all the members that went to the temple shared their testimonies. I could feel the spirit very stongly as they shared their experiences. The temple truly is the lord´s house and I am excited to enter once again in 5 weeks. The blessings of the temple are divine and I know they are true. The members that went have really served as a great example for me. I can´t wait to see you guys and tell you all about these wonderful experiences and to hear about the things that have happened in my absence.

I´m glad that you guys are getting everything all situated for my homecomming. I think it´s a lot better getting back and having everything begin all at once. haha It will be a trial for a little moment to get adjusted to everything but in the end it will be good for me. I would much rather have it be that way. :) 

For now that´s all for this week. I will write my group letter to tell everybody about graciella and her family. 

Have a good week muver dear. :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. Now i remember the mice story. xD haha 
p.p.s I will look on facebook to see if I can recover those photos. :D

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