Letter #85
Hola a todos. 

I´m going to make this letter very short. Durring the last month we had 48 baptisms as a mission, a new record!! For our next month we have even more planned. In our zone we have a goal of 28!!! The work is progressing. Remember that it depends on our atitude, not our aptitude that determines the altitude of the mission or life. :D Keep a high attitude and do all you can and you will do more than you thought you can do alone. Plus, this is his work so he will help us so there´s no way we can posibly lose. We only start loosing when we think we are. Wherever you are always keep a high and positive attitude! :D That´s all for this week i´m out of time but I will write more next week. ´till then keep up the good work! :D :D

Con Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

:D :D :D HOLA HOLA HOLA!!!!!!!!!

Hey, it´s good to hear from you guys again. I´m happy to hear that you guys got to colorado safely. I laughed when you told me about the spanish map experience. I would have been a great help in that situation :D 

If I were there right now I would tease lyndon so hard about spiders. The one we found was about 4 inches long with it´s legs and everything. These are the only bugs here. Spiders and flies. When I was in tierra del fuego I always loved exploring in the woods knowing that there were no anoying bugs whatsoever. :D I will tease lyndon when I get back >:) 

I haven´t recieved the card yet so I think it may be better to just cancel it. Our next zone meeting is in 2 weeks so if you could wait until then to cancel it that will be great. Our ZLs deliver the mail for conferences so if it´s not there by then. I won´t get here.

So...You got my flight plans? That´s super!! :D Could you send me a copy in your next email so I have them on hand? :) If you want to, go ahead and publish it ALL THROUGHOUT FACEBOOK!!! :D That would be cool to see everyone in utah, leave, eat a little bit, and be back to the airport in time to go to colorado. :) I like that idea. :) 

This week has been pretty busy. The 25th of may was a holiday here in argentina "dia de la patria" so we had an activity in the chapel. We ate Locro. Locro is an argentine stew made of pretty much everything from pig skin to chorrizo. It was really good. :P The work has been going great. We have high goals and for may we had 48 baptisms as a mission :D This next month we are expecting more!! :D  Have a good week you guys. I hope all is well in colorado. Tell everyone I said HI :D 

Con Amor 
Elder Kolton Elmer

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