Letter #12

Hey mom :D

This week has been crazy with helping my companion pack and all but it´s been good. He got transfered to Ushuaia!!!! :O He´s got a 36 hour bus ride ahead of him x( ouch. I love my trainer. We made plans to hang out after the mission so that should be fun in the future. :D I will meet my new companion today. All I know it that 
he´s from Colombia so I will have to stop speaking english COMPLETELY!! :O :D I´m super duper excited for that though!!!! You will probably notice that my english will be worsening and worsening and peoring...............oh no xD hahaha Sons of Provo do have some serious stuff. Disney is also approved so I listen to a lot of that as well. I have some in english and in spanish. :) It´s good practice for my spanish :D 

Thanks for helping me with my crazy card xD hahaha I´ll try it again next pday and i´ll let you know how that goes :D I think i may have forgotten my pin and that could have been the problem xD haha

Holidays have been alright. Not much has happened but I feel the saviors love very very very strongly. I wrote my experiences and such in my journal. Most of those entries have been writen through tears xD haha. I can´t wait to have you read them. The numbers president sets are for the whole mission so when you break it all down between the companionships and districts and zones. we usually make them. :) I know we can achieve these numbers though if we work as hard as we can. The lord will make up for that which we cannot do on our own. :D

I haven´t got any cards yet but i´m super super excited for them ;D ;D They will probably come all at the same time xD The way it works is every letter arrives at mission HQ. Then it sits there for a while and gets sent in a bag to all of the areas of the mission. :) I can´t wait to recieve them ;) ;) 

Thank you for the spiritual thought. I am greatful for this time and season to remember our older brother. He truly does love us without a doubt in my mind. All things testify of him. The friends we have, the chalenges we have, and everything else :D I felt his love here on the mission and I am greatful for this time to get to know my savior and redemer better :D I hope you all have a good week. Love you mommy :D

Con todo mi amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

p.s. I found out this week that we have an apricot tree that is ripe in front of our pension!! :D P: P: P:

pps I´ll ´plan with my comp when we will skype and i´ll let you guys know :D :D Chau Chau

HEY DAD!!! :D :D

We had a zone conference and it was super fun. We did lots of practices and had a testimony meeting. A lot of those who were there are all gone and transferred out now. Including my companion Elder LeBaron. He got transferred all the way down to Ushuaia. He´s going to be on a bus for a llloooooonnnnngggg time xD haha 36 hours by bus. My new comp is from Colombia and he probably won´t speak a word of english so it looks like i´m only going to speak spanish from here on out. You will all probably see my english worsen drastically xD haha I´m excited for that. It´s time to put my suffering english out of it´s misery xD I will be in puerto madryn for one more transfer and then I´ll leave to go to another part of the patagonia. 

I still don´t know with skype. I need to plan that with my new companion because we´ll be in the cyber together. 
I´ll plan that with him and let you know the plan ;) I´m excited to see you all!!! I´ll speak some spanish to you guys maybe :D I can´t wait!!!! I love you Have a good week!

Con Muchísimo Amor
Elder Kolton Elmer

Elder LeBaron in Puerto Madryn December 2014

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